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This website provides reviews on cheap and Best Web Hosting companies in the UK and worldwide market. By using our years of expertise in the Web hosting industry, we provide a FREE service to help you choose a suitable Web hosting company for both your personal or Business needs. Below is our recommended weekly list of the top 5 Web Hosting companies with top deals in the entire web hosting industry. Make sure to check the highlighted star features.

* Updated Sept, 2016 (weekly TOP 5 best Web Hosting UK recommendations)

What is Web Hosting?

If you are planning to build a personal or business website then choosing the best web hosting will be an important consideration for you. Building a website has three key elements that are required:

• Selecting a domain name (e.g
• Picking a web hosting service
• Generating and writing good content for your website.

You would need to start off with purchasing a domain name. You can try to find your desired domain by completing the search domain box on top of the sidetool bar, this will search whether your domain name is available. If it isn’t, you can try something similar or the tool will recommend close options for you to select:

Once you have that done then you will need a place to host your new website. Web hosting is simply connecting a domain name to the Internet where your customers, or people searching, can then find it. Web hosting provides a secure environment, where you can then store all your files, pictures and videos for your website.

You can actually host your own website but this requires a high degree of technical knowledge and equipment. Few people select this option and it makes much more sense to have a hosting provider to host your website.

Here at, we have completed a lot of the research for you. We did this to determine who the best web hosting companies in the UK actually are. This has been an ongoing project for us and we will continue to update this information so as you have the best information to hand.

The search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo would expect a domain name to be hosted with a UK web hosting company so therefore would be ideal to buy a Domain. You can buy a domain from companies such as:GoDaddy, and 1and1.

The decision that you really have to make is which company offers the best web hosting service. Before we look at the web hosting providers in the UK, it is important to understand the different types of web hosting services that are available.

Types of Web Hosting

There are five types of web hosting service available. These are:

1. Web hosting
2. Reseller hosting
3. VPS hosting
4. Dedicated servers
5. Cloud hosting

Here is a simple break down of each. For the vast majority of websites, simple web hosting is all that is required. Web hosting is easy and affordable and there are quite a few hosting providers to choose from.

Web Hosting

The majority of people and businesses will use a basic cheap web hosting provider. This type of service is perfect for people with one website. It also works well for people with a few websites who want them all hosted on the same account. Even at lower rates, finding best web hosting service is possible.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting, as the name would imply, is for someone who wishes to sell web hosting services to other customers and businesses. They purchase a large hosting service and then rent space on that larger server out to other smaller users.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is for much larger websites that get a lot of traffic and need a lot of technical support. This would be used by medium to large companies with a technical department.

Dedicated Servers

These dedicated servers are really for huge high volume companies such as banks who need to have their very own server with power back ups etc. All major companies will select this option for strict security purposes.

Cloud Hosting

There is a lot of confusion about cloud hosting. It really is not something that is anything to do with clouds. The easiest way to understand cloud hosting is to compare it to a pay as you go on the Internet. With most web hosting providers you pay a flat monthly fee and get a range of features and benefits for your fee.

With cloud hosting your hosting can grow depending on how much space you take up. The more you use and the more visitors you get the more you will pay. It is a flexible option but one that could cost more if traffic to your website suddenly grew.

Best Web Hosting Providers

Now that you understand the different types of web hosting, which web hosting would be best for you? Most likely, all you will need is a basic cheap web hosting service. At, we have selected the top five best web hosting providers below.

Your choice of web hosting provider is very important. You will need one that can guarantee that your website is always up and running with little or no down time. You also want your information to be safe and secure. Finally you want a good customer service should you need to contact them. Usually it does’nt matter where the datacentre is located but if your website traffic is likely to be from the UK then you would rather choose a Web Hosting company who has a datacentre within the EU.

In our opinion companies such as: GoDaddy, 1and1, and HostPapa have proved to be the best web hosting providers for all markets and are the ones that we would strongly recommend for users.

A good web hosting service should provide the following features:

• Able to host multiple domains
• Unlimited sub-domains
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• FTP accounts
• >99% Up time guarantee
• Shared SSl Certificate
• Simple Easy To Use Control Panel
• Be able to host different applications such as WordPress, Joomla etc
• Some type of site builder or ecommerce platform
• email accounts

Here is a list of the cheapest and best web hosting providers.

1. GoDaddy
2. 1&1 Internet
4. HostPapa
5. Hostgator

There is a lot of cheap and best web hosting available. I would strongly recommend selecting a web hosting provider who meets the criteria above. You can still do this and get the best web hosting that is available. Web hosting can be purchased for as little as £2 or $3.25 per month and many of these web hosting providers have start-up deals or introductory offers.

GoDaddy and HostPapa offer a very high performance and excellent customer service and would be the top 2 recommendations of You can check out their latest offers as they are great value for money.

In reality £20 or $30 a year is not an expensive option to host a website, or a number of websites. It works out at only around £2 or $3.25 a month and allows you to have a presence on the internet world. As you already know that is vital in the modern world of communications. Digital presence is a must to keep up with the present and future.

Hopefully this article has helped with your understanding of web hosting in the UK. The companies we have listed above all provide cheap and best web hosting service and we have used our experience in this industry to recommend these to you. We are certain of their quality and high standards of service.

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